Arts and Health conference Derbyshire June 2018

“Thanks so much for contributing. Several people have told me how powerful they felt your presentation was. It was a great morning.”

Helena Reynolds
Arts and Health Co-ordinator, Arts Derbyshire

“I have been mentoring the photographer Tony Fisher, since mid-2015. Mentoring usually takes the form of regular meetings at QUAD, where I work as Senior Curator, with Tony to discuss the development of work and ideas and to offer advice on approaching organizations for exhibitions/ support and fundraising opportunities.”

“My impressions of Tony and his practice are this: he is an extremely entrepreneurial artist and one who can draw on many decades of experience and working within the arts in a variety of capacities. He understands the vicissitudes of life a working artist, but nonetheless always seeks to carve out opportunities to exhibit his work and collaborate with organizations across the Midlands and around the UK. His photographic work documenting – quite prolifically – the every day, including street scenes, buildings, people going about their business is both eclectic and stimulating, usually resulting in a wide range of incredibly strong images. In addition, I recently helped Tony secure funds from Unite the Union to travel to exhibit his work in Brussels, to represent the UK – work that focused on issues relating to loneliness and isolation that many people today do battle within modern Britain.”

“Tony admirably juggles a number of health issues with diligently working as a practising artist. Of the many artists I advise and support, Tony is perhaps one of the most proactive and, as I state above, prolific.”

Peter Bonnell
Senior Curator, QUAD – DERBY

“Each year at New Perspectives we run a training scheme for emerging artists in the region which culminates in a touring production. Tony was already an established photographer but looking to move into working in different contexts, particularly theatre. It is this desire to explore and play that makes Tony’s work so engaging. He is an incredibly open collaborator – full of ideas and always looking at ways to challenge and create.”

Theresa Keogh
Associate Director
New Perspectives Theatre Company

“Tony Fisher was recommended to us by our member Rethink UK, to contribute to our 25th Anniversary exhibition in 2017 in Brussels, to combat stigma through art. We had the pleasure and honour of exhibiting two of his photographs alongside the work of 37 artists selected from across Europe. Tony has a talent for making the ordinary, extraordinary. Whatever the subject and no matter how mundane – be it a wildflower, a pet dog or a dead bird – he possesses the art to transform it into a striking thing of beauty that will move his audience. Tony does things with passion and he did everything to contribute to the success of the exhibition. I therefore warmly recommend him and his work.”

Aagje Ieven – EUFAMI