Tony Fisher – Loneliness & Isolation Project

lonelytony54Please like and follow Tony’s Facebook page on his journey and discovery of Loneliness and Isolation.

As part of the Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants, Tony Fisher has secured funding for his next project/exhibition entitled ‘Well-Being’.

Tony is a photographic artist who looks through the lens and captures what he sees. Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, seizing the moment.

Tony wants to explore and research loneliness, isolation and well-being: something he has battled with personally for over 40 years. The project will take Tony on a journey of reflection and self-discovery and introduce him to others who suffer loneliness and isolation too. Culminating in a year’s touring exhibition/talks in late 2019/2021 at Artcore, Quad, Air Arts Royal Derby Hospital (Derby), Erewash Museum, Ilkeston (Derbyshire), City Arts, Broadway (Nottingham), and The Arthouse (Wakefield).

“We have exhibited Tony’s work previously and would be delighted to have more work by him here in the future, the sincerity of his work enables the viewer to connect with both the artist and the themes he works with.” Fi Burke, Air Arts Visual Arts Curator.

This new project will challenge Tony, not only with the subject matter but also exploring a new methodology to his photography, where the sitter/object has been either staged, posed or positioned. Something unfamiliar to Tomy, pure unacquainted manipulation.

“I want to do specific research on the theme of loneliness, isolation and well-being. | am proposing to work with anyone suffering from isolation and ( will produce an image to reflect this. The photograph will capture the issues and essences of what Is loneliness but will also celebrate the life of the individuals.”

His proposal is to work with anyone who experiences isolation and will produce photographic images to reflect this. Creating either a portrait and/or an object of great significance to the individual to suggest their isolation. To accompany these photographs will be an audio piece recorded including voices and/or abstract sound interrogating isolation. Tony will also be experimenting with social media so his work is more accessible and will Be working with City Arts (Nottingham).

This exhibition will be used to help highlight isolation and encourage debate.

lonelytony54Please like and follow Tony’s Facebook page on his journey and discovery of Loneliness and Isolation. Tony’s new project will culminate in exhibitions across the country throughout 2019/2021.

One thought on “Tony Fisher – Loneliness & Isolation Project

  1. I am really interested in this project.
    Since lockdown, I have been completely alone (20 weeks – no bubble for me).
    It’s a form of torture.
    Huddersfield, where I live, is under lockdown again.

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